RAI (Bad Debt Register)

RAI (Bad Debt Register)
Information on delinquency and default

Online consultation of the RAI, one of the largest delinquency and default registers in Spain.

Through its company reports, axesor offers you online access to RAI (Bad Debt Register), one of the largest sources of information on delinquency and defaults in the country. This delinquency list will enable you to determine whether the companies you are interested in have registry entries for default, which is a key factor when deciding whether to award or deny business credit.

What data will you obtain through online consultation of the RAI archives?

  • Total number of unpaid drafts on record for the company.
  • Total value of all unpaid drafts.
  • Date of last recorded debt.

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In addition to the information recorded in the RAI, our company reports also include unpaid debts with public authorities and the most comprehensive information available on delinquency with financial institutions and large companies(ASNEF Empresas register), becoming the most efficient tool possible for combating corporate delinquency.

What is the RAI?

The RAI (Bad Debt Register) is a register comprising information on defaults by companies for amounts equal to or greater than 300,51 €.

This information was used exclusively by national banks and credit institutions in order to discover and evaluate the solvency of their clients before approving credit and other bank products.

axesor has received authorisation to act as a distributor providing unlimited access to the RAI, which means that through our reports you can discover the defaults recorded for any commercial company on this bad debt list.

Register entries come from unsettled receipts, recognised and signed by the company in question and therefore constituting enforceable obligations, as well as from receipts replacing bills of exchange and promissory notes expressing the consent of the deb.

How to gain access to the RAI with axesor?

To access the RAI through axesor, consult any of the following company reports:

Once you have entered, click on the RAI icon found near the top of the page. The report will immediately reload and the new version will include the results of the RAI search.

example access to the RAI

Content of a RAI search

Online connection to the Bad Debt Register will bring up the following data on the company queried:

  • If default records exist:
    • Date of query.
    • Juridical form queried.
    • Number of entries in the RAI matching the NIF (tax ID) queried.
    • Total value of entries matching the NIF (tax ID) queried.
    • Date of most recent entry matching the NIF (tax ID) queried.
  • If no defaults are recorded the NIF (tax ID) queried will be shown alongside a result detailing zero register entries and the time and date of the query.
  • A third possible result is "Saldo 0" (Balance of 0). This means the query will bring up the total number of defaults recorded, but will assess their total value at zero. This is because the company has settled its defaults very recently, and these formerly delinquent debts will soon be erased from the RAI.

Cost of searching the RAI

The price of each query conducted is 4,50 €, irrespective of whether the result is positive, negative or returns a "balance of zero".

Conditions of access to the RAI for clients

Remember The RAI is the property of the Centro de Cooperación Interbancaria and accessing its data imposes on users the following obligations:

  • Use data obtained from the RAI for the sole purpose of awarding credit or monitoring credit already awarded.
  • At the time of access to the data contained in the RAI, the client affirms his or her legitimate interest in said information. Notwithstanding, should axesor request express confirmation from the client of his or her legitimate interest in the requested, the client must reply within seven days.
  • Not to use data obtained from the RAI to create reports, assessments, documents or information of any type which third parties may gain access to.
  • Not to cede, transfer or communicate to third parties in any way, either directly or indirectly, data obtained from the RAI.
  • Not to copy, duplicate or reproduce, whether directly or indirectly, data obtained from the RAI.
  • Not to include data obtained from the RAI in any database, whether internal or external, or reuse it in any way, whether directly or indirectly.
  • Adopt the security measures necessary to prevent access to data obtained from the RAI by third parties. For the purpose of meeting this obligation, mid-level security measures or those stipulated in Royal Decree 994/1999 of 11th June, or any posterior legislation.
  • Hold all data received in strict confidence and not transfer it to third parties, duplicate or reproduce it without first obtaining express written consent from the supplier of the service.

axesor reserves the right to restrict access to the RAI when the client fails to meet the aforementioned obligations, and the client is liable to axesor for any damage which directly or indirectly arises from the client's failure to meet these obligations.

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