The web site and all its content and material belongs to the Company AXESOR CONOCER PARA DECIDIR S.A. (from now on AXESOR), registered in the Registro Mercantil de Granada, on 04/24/1996. Tomo: 719 , Folio: 30, Sección: 8, Hoja: 9808 , Inscripción: 1. Address: C/Graham Bell. Edif. AXESOR s/n Armilla , Granada, Spain, and C.I.F.: A 18413302, contact email: and phone number:+34 958 011 480. The AXESOR CONOCER PARA DECIDIR S.A. website collects the IP address and the password of the user in order to control the consumption of information products made by the customer and identify the access and operations performed in our website.

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Secure Connections: AXESOR has a security system that ensures the integrity and confidentiality of data exchanged between the client and AXESOR. AXESOR website uses a security protocol SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) or PCT (Private Communication Technology) to ensure the information you send and receive. Thus, the information provided (as the name or number of the credit card or checking account) is coded so that other people cannot read it.

Certification Authority: AXESOR server has a certificate issued by an international certification authority (Digi Cert Inc.). This certificate guarantees that you are really connected with AXESOR and transmitted data is encrypted.

Privacy: Please note that your user name, password, signature, etc. data are strictly personal and confidential and that should only be used for access to the services of AXESOR. The transfer of confidential information to third parties is the responsibility of the owner. We ask you to don’t’ trust any collection of personal data carried over the Internet, on behalf of AXESOR, and out of its secure website. If in doubt about the veracity of the information requested or authenticity of visited pages, please contact immediately with AXESOR through the established channels on the homepage. Finally, we offer some tips for protecting your PC and the information it contains: Upgrade your PC with the latest security updates recommended by the manufacturer. Protect your PC with updated antivirus software to prevent virus infections. You should keep a backup of the information contained in the personal computer.

Protection of personal data:

For the purposes of the provisions of the Spanish Law 15/1999 on Protection of Personal Data and development rules, AXESOR informs the CUSTOMER that the personal data necessary as a result of the application of contract, transactions, and / or procurement of products and services that occur by any means, and the computerized processes regarding already registered data will be included in a file created under the responsibility of AXESOR, authorizing this society to treat such data. The collection and treatment are intended to maintain the contractual relationship between the parties, management, administration, provision, expansion and improvement of services provided and the adequacy thereof to the preferences and tastes of users.
Furthermore, your data can also be used to send technical, operational or commercial information about various AXESOR products and services now and in the future, directly through it or through third parties and transmit information and publicity products and services of other companies involved in the information sector, catering, telecommunications, finance, insurance, energy, entertainment, education, food, automotive, NGO's, textiles, consumer goods, water, either together with AXESOR either independently. In this last case the identification and contact data of the CUSTOMER will be yield to these partner companies now or in the future.
Should not be interested in that your data is treated for any of these purposes, please send an email to the address or contact us via phone +34958011480 or +34902101033. We also inform you that you may revoke consent at each commercial or advertising communication, and at any time, by notification to this company through the channels indicated on the website //
By providing the requested information, you declare that they are true, accurate and complete and expressly authorize AXESOR the treatment for previously informed purposes. In particular, you authorize the use of your email address and mobile phone number or other means of electronic communication for the mentioned purposes.
You can exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by sending a written communication to AXESOR at the address: C/Graham Bell. Edif. AXESOR s/n Armilla , Granada, Spain and must include your name, photocopy of your ID, an address for notification purposes and expressly state the right you want to exercise.
In the event that this contract was signed by a legal entity, the consent given by the authorized personnel for the purposes of Article 21 of Spanish Law 34/2002, is considered given both on its own behalf and on behalf of the entity they legally represent, may object at any time of receiving such communications through the normal channels of communication with the bank.
The answer to the questions that have been raised and the information requested to formalize their relationship with AXESOR is entirely optional, with no obligation for AXESOR to ask the CUSTOMER consent to the collection of data to refer these to parts of contract or pre-contract of the business relationship and being necessary for the maintenance and compliance. Thus, the refusal of the CLIENT to facilitate personal data that may have been request, shall determine the invalidity of this Agreement as they are necessary for the above purpose.
The CUSTOMER must notify AXESOR any changes in personal information for the proper management and quality of service and data processed, particularly those concerning contact details like address, bank account number, email, telephone, etc.
You expressly authorize Axesor to record in full by any technically valid support to this end, telephone and / or telematics communications occurring or arising from the use of any AXESOR service, in order to certify the completion of any transaction concerning the request of products and / or services, assessing the quality and efficiency of service, and to address complaints and / or incidents that may occur. You acknowledge that these recordings can be used as evidence for any legal proceedings or arbitration might arise directly or indirectly between both parties. In any case, you can get a copy of the said recordings, if requested, as well as duplicate or transcript thereof.

Payment security with credit card:

If the CUSTOMER chooses this method of payment, he agrees that he will make the payment of goods and services consumed, by credit card using the payment gateway enabled by AXESOR and managed through your bank. CUSTOMER warrants and it is responsible that all information provided on the card is valid.
To facilitate subsequent access and consumption of any products or services from AXESOR web site, AXESOR shall retain the card data reported in the last payment you made. However, the CUSTOMER can always modify at any time and before each purchase, the card number for the position, being the same again retained by AXESOR for the following purchases.
Payment is made through a reliable mechanism that uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol and a secure server with warranty certificate issued by the company Verisign under the Data Security Standard PCI (PCI DSS) that ensures the CUSTOMER that he is submitting his data to a server owned by AXESOR.
AXESOR guarantees the level of security and confidentiality necessary to protect the personal data of the CUSTOMER. Before performing any operation on the website of the Company the CUSTOMER must register with the username and password acquired through the registration process and confirmation by mail of this contract.

In each transaction the CUSTOMER should note that:
  • - In the case of automatic renewal of plans, bonds, flat rates, or any other type of contract that takes into force, Axesor will deduct the amount from the last valid credit card that the CUSTOMER has provided.
  • - If the card has expired or been invalidated and the CUSTOMER has failed to change the data in the card, any purchase will not be made until we proceed with the incorporation of data to a new card that will replace automatically the previous.
  • - Axesor informs the CUSTOMER that your bank may reject the transaction if the available balance in your account is not sufficient to complete the purchase at the time of the debit transaction. This can be the reason why AXESOR cannot facilitate you the access to information or services selected.
  • - After the actual payment of each purchase and invoice is issued by AXESOR for the corresponding amount.

In any case we inform you that the personal information you provide will be canceled within a maximum period of one year from the last purchase made by the user, for this reason the system prompts to the customer to provide your details to register again and processing the right order. Axesor reserves the right to refuse admission of certain types of cards as payment.
To clarify any doubts, please contact us by email to or call directly +34902101033/ +34958011480