axesor reports with Bank and Commercial Delinquency ASNEF empresas, ASNEF industrial

Never before has company data enabled such effective risk management.

Access to the largest corporate delinquency register allows us to offer more up to date and exclusive information on defaults. This allows for a reduction in delinquency rates thanks to more effective handling in each of the stages of the risk management cycle:


  • Reduced decision-making time and resource savings resulting from access to comprehensive information in real-time, all in a single product.


  • Enables prevention of delinquency through information updated daily.
  • Facilitates proactive management of client tracking through the possibility of creating alerts for any company.
  • Improved knowledge of the behaviour towards payment obligations of clients and suppliers to third parties.


  • Optimise recovery procedures by benefiting from a more thorough understanding of the details of each default.
  • Maximise reduction of the average debt recovery period by tracking the progress of each default.

Access to information throughout the entire risk management cycle, cuts the number and value of defaults, enabling profits to improve.

The best risk management has never been so profitable.

Start to enhance your business sense immediately using axesor Reports with Bank and Commercial Delinquency ASNEF empresas, ASNEF industrial

Find out whether your clients have defaulted on bank or commercial debt

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