axesor reports with Bank and Commercial Delinquency ASNEF empresas, ASNEF industrial

axesor offers you the country's main delinquency records in an integrated format

Delinquency is the cause of 65% of company liquidations in Spain

The new axesor Reports include daily overviews, of the debt owed by Spanish companies to Spain's Financial System, Large Companies and Public Authorities, integrating the main sources of default data, both public and privately-owned:

Access in a single product to:

Credit Bureaus (ASNEF Empresas)

Where a daily summary is given on defaults by companies with Commercial Banks, Savings Banks and Rural Banks, Financial Credit and Renting Institutions, Fixed and Mobile Telephone Operators, Energy Providers and millions more creditors that inform the bureau on delinquent payments, comprising a total of:

  • 7 million delinquent transactions.
  • For a value of over 25.000 million euros.
  • From over 300.000 delinquent companies operating in all sectors, and of all sizes.

RAI (Bad Debt Register)

Registers delinquent commercial transaction payments between two companies (Client and Supplier) in which the method of payment was a commercial instrument such as a bill, a cheque or a promissory note. These past-due debts are not delinquent bank loans, but details on them are provided to Financial Institutions as it is these institutions which reco.

Official Bulletins

They publish information daily on defaults by companies to Administrative Bodies, on Company Insolvency Proceedings, on former Bankruptcies and Suspensions of Payments, and on Civil, Commercial and Labour lawsuits. Contains a total of:

  • Over 2.5 million legal claims.
  • From over 540,000 companies.

axesor offers its clients first dibs on this exclusive information, which includes virtually all delinquent payments by companies.

Start to enhance your business sense immediately using axesor Reports with Bank and Commercial Delinquency ASNEF empresas, ASNEF industrial

Find out whether your clients have defaulted on bank or commercial debt

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