axesor reports with Bank and Commercial Delinquency ASNEF empresas, ASNEF industrial

Have your clients defaulted on bank or commercial debt?

Find out whether your clients have defaulted on bank or commercial debt

axesor offers its clients a unique service, giving them first dibs on the most comprehensive records available on company defaults

axesor Reports include defaults by companies to financial institutions and to other sectors (ASNEF Empresas) as part of the extensive information provided on delinquency with Public Authorities and the RAI.

What new features do axesor Reports offer?

A single product offers the most up to date, complete and exhaustive information possible, obtained from various public and private sources:

  • Over 95% of corporate delinquency published on virtually all sectors, processed in real-time.
  • Defaults with a value of 30 billion euros by:
    • 330.000 debtor companies with financial institutions and public services, telecommunications and publishing companies as well as Public Authorities, amongst others.
    • 11,5 million delinquent transactions.

The most exclusive information available, now including detailed information on company defaults:

  • Transaction characteristics: creditors, types of products defaulted on, current status and value of transactions.
  • Default characteristics: number of defaults and their date, unsettled balance and type of debtor.
  • Trend of delinquency: historic evolution, settled transactions and age of debt.

Start to enhance your business sense immediately using Axesor Reports with Bank and Commercial Delinquency ASNEF empresas, ASNEF industrial

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