Online Risk Report

Credit Report

Mora Bancaria y Comercial  ASNEF empresas, ASNEF industrial

The Report that provides you with detailed risk Information of the entity designed for use to make decisions as regards granting or denying business credit.

This product provides the most relevant commercial, economic and financial information needed to decide whether to grant or deny a credit grant. axesor's Credit Report provides you with the largest information source on delinquency in the Spanish market on more than 95% of Spanish defaults comprising both information on debts with Public Administration, as well as that obtained from the main Spanish delinquency files ASNEF Empresas (Association of Financial and Credit Institutions) and RAI (Bad Debt Register).

Online Risk Report Contents

Credit Report Contents

  • Access to the RAI
  • Matches with social bodies of companies
  • Access to ASNEF Empresas
  • Research Section
  • Executive Summary
  • List of trademarks
  • Activity
  • Matches with brand owners
  • Scoring axesor
  • Subsidies and aid granted
  • Estimated probability of default
  • Grants and aids published with matching names
  • Maximum Solvency Capacity
  • Matches with allocations of public contests
  • Defaults, Legal Claims and Insolvency Proceedings
  • Press releases in newspapers, magazines and journals
  • Other judicial incidents published with similar name
  • Sectors of interest that have consulted this entity
  • Estimated and Queried financial magnitudes
  • Consulted sources
  • Accounts and balance sheet results

The emergence of each of the sections and their content shall be conditional upon the availability of the information published.

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