axesor 360 Report

axesor 360º Report

Our commitment: Update Guaranteed with no additional cost.


The most complete and updated report on the market providing detailed information regarding the entity's risk for making decisions related to credit.

The axesor 360° Report is the first report that takes you beyond a company's risk to further analyze its environment risk, using the section "Links and Analysis of the Impact of the Environment", which contains the risk indicators of linked companies. It also informs you of bank and commercial delinquency evolution of over 95% Spanish defaults and contains information on debts both with Public Administration Bodies and obtained from the main Spanish delinquency files (ASNEF Empresas (Association of Financial Credit and Institutions) and RAI (Bad Debt Register)).

Moreover, we are the only ones in the market who guarantee the latest financial information available in our report. in the Registry of Commerce. If we still had this information unprocessed, we would obtain and analyze it, and deliver it to you the report with all the updated information on the scoring, default probability and Maximum Solvency Capacity, in less than 2 business hours* at no additional cost.

This report will give you all the risk-related, financial, business, commercial and judicial information on any company. This will allow you to perform a comprehensive, high-strategic-value study.

Access the Annual Accounts of any company for the past 5 fiscal years pursuant to the New General Accounting Plan and its equivalence in the format of the General Accounting Plan of 1990.

* Average estimated time period. Conditional on the individual processing times of each Trade Register.

axesor 360º Report Contents

axesor 360º Report Contents

  • Access to the RAI
  • Annual accounts audit
  • Access to ASNEF Empresas
  • Financing sources
  • Executive Summary
  • Guarantees
  • Activity
  • Mercantile Information
  • Sub-offices, Facilities, and Establishments
  • Social bodies
  • Scoring axesor
  • Executive board
  • Estimated Default Probability
  • Remuneration and other benefits of the board of directors
  • Maximum Solvency Capacity
  • Bindings
  • Defaults, Legal Claims and Insolvency Proceedings
  • Business Environment Influence Analysis
  • Payments to suppliers
  • Research Section
  • Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement (latest 5 Fiscal Years available)
  • List of Trademarks
  • Allocated Contests and Auctions
  • Statement of changes in net worth
  • Subsidies and Aid
  • Cashflow statement
  • Quality Certifications
  • Economic financial diagnostic
  • Information Gathered from the Media Communication
  • Comparative Sectorial Balance Audits
  • Sectors of interest that have queried the Company

The emergence of each of the sections and their content shall be conditional upon the availability of the information published.

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