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Reports on Self-Employed and Non-Commercial Companies

Don't take risks with Sole Traders. axesor supplies you with detailed information on the commercial scope of their activity.

Conducting your search using a name or NIF (tax ID), you can view an Online Risk Report or, if you prefer, request any of our Investigated Reports on Sole Traders.

  • Credit Report

    Mora Bancaria y Comercial ASNEF empresas, ASNEF industrial

    This product provides the most relevant commercial, economic and financial information needed to decide whether to grant or deny a credit grant. axesor's Credit Report provides you with the largest information source on delinquency in the Spanish market on more than 95% of Spanish defaults comprising both information on debts with Public Administration, as well as that obtained from the main Spanish delinquency files ASNEF Empresas (Association of Financial and Credit Institutions) and RAI (Bad Debt Register).

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  • Online Risk Report

    The fastest information tool to help you make a decision on a sole trader or professional. In it you will find information pertaining to business activity, financial status, relationships with other sole traders and companies and sources of funding.

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  • Investigated Activity Report

    Report useful when starting to deal with an unknown business owner, or for increases to existing loans. It includes, amongst other features, a detailed risk and solvency analysis, comprehensive business information, a description of the activity carried out by the subject of the query and access to RAI (Bad Debt Register) listings on legal persons.

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