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Product it offers the most comprehensive information available in the market on companies' commercial, financial, and payment default statuses.

It is the only product that:

It includes the most complete and comprehensive integration of any relevant information extracted from the annual reports of annual accounts, of sectoral yearbooks, bulletins, corporate websites, as well as from own investigations. Among the contents provided by these sources of information, we highlight the information regarding financing sources, guarantees, grants awarded, tenders won, strategic information, events occurred after closing, board of directors' fees and quality certifications.

* Average estimated time period. Conditional on the individual processing times of each Trade Register.


Inclusion of Asnef Empresas

Incorporation of the information of Bank and Commercial Default from Asnef Empresas.

It allows you to obtain the most updated, complete and exhaustive information in real time, which proceed from different public and private sources:

The most exclusive information is available with the maximum number of detail on information of non-payments:

Asnef Empresas recalculate immediately the information about the Non-payment probability, Credit Category and Maximun Solvency Capacity.

Inclusion of the Bad Debt Register information RAI

This feature allows you to follow in real time:

Executive Summary


Initiated buildings:

The summary of the number and budget associated with the public or private works built or promoted, describing the type of work, the geographical distribution, and market share compared to the national total.

Local Offices, Facilities, Premises and Establishments

This section shows contact information of the subject company's delegations:

In addition, the number of premises, offices and establishments by province, as well as their area in m2, can be visualised.

Scoring axesor

Assessment of the credit quality expressed in terms of a scale of 0-10, sorted in ascending order (from lowest to highest quality).

The meanings of the various levels of credit rating granted by axesor are the following:

Scoring Comment
10/10 Maximum credit quality. Excellent Company capacity to meet its payment obligations. It is reliable as regards timely payment of future financial obligations.
9/10 It has a high capacity level to meet its credit obligations, even in the event of any potential changes in the financial environment.
8/10 Strong capacity to meet its credit obligations. However, this scoring may deteriorate in the event of moderately adverse changes in the financial environment.
7/10 More than adequate capacity to meet its financial obligations. However, this capacity has a higher probability to deteriorate in the mid-long term than in higher categories.
6/10 Adequate capacity to meet its financial obligations.
5/10 Although its capacity to meet payment obligations shows no difficulties at present, it may not last for long.
4/10 Low capacity to meet its financial obligations. It depends on a favorable financial environment.
3/10 Poor credit scoring. Its capacity to repay its financial obligations is uncertain. High probability of failure to meet some of its obligations. High sensitivity to financial environment changes.
2/10 Very poor credit scoring. High risk of stopping or interrupting payments.
1/10 Very close to insolvency. High risk of payment failure.
0/10 (default) Under default status We recommend avoidance of executing credit operations with this company due to the high risk and uncertainty entailed in the operation.
0/10 (inactivity) Null scoring We recommend credit operations are not conducted with this entity due to the high degree of uncertainty entailed in the operation.
NC Not qualifiable.

The assignment of axesor scoring was made using the best market practices based on different methodologies, depending on the availability of the annual financial statements of the companies. For companies that do not have balance sheets and income statements, this figure is based on off-balance objective variables. For companies that do have balance sheets and income statements, this figure is based on off-balance and balance sheet objective variables.

The conclusions offered are determined based on multiple variables of different nature (commercial, financial, payment behaviour, relational, etc.), which are updated daily and in real time.

Estimated Default Probability

Section showing the probability that the company queried will not be able to meet the business obligations it takes on over the next 12 months, as well as a comparison against the average probability within the sector.

The Estimated Probability of Default should be interpreted as the number of companies (with similar profiles to that of the company queried) whose loans have turned non-performing or delinquent, as a percentage of the total number of companies.

Credit Opinion

Unique section in the market that will allow you to adapt the Maximum Solvency Capacity to the transaction and to your company's specific circumstances, and to immediately know the default risk undertaken for the amount you indicated, through axesor's Business Credit Customization.

It is easy to use, just move the marker up to the amount you wish to analyze and the system will show you the following in real time:

Defaults, Legal Claims and Insolvency Proceedings

NOTE: If you consider that the data regarding defaults published in the ASNEF Empresas and RAI default file shown in this report are incorrect or out-of-date, please note that the sole entity authorized to exercise any claim on the entity managing the file is the debtor.

Payments to providers:

Section showing in detail the payments to providers of the last two years with their corresponding variations, as well as the average payment means established in accordance with the Law on Payments to Providers. This section will allow you to observe the behaviour of the Company consulted with respect to its providers in the future.

Accounts and balance sheet results

Section that will allow you to perform a bidirectional conversion from the 2007 General Accounting Plan to the 1990 General Accounting Plan, and vice versa. It also contains the details and evolution of the balance sheet of the past 5 financial years available regarding Assets, Equity, Liabilities, and Income statements, according to accounting regulations.

In this section you may:

The Balance Sheet is included in the New General Accounting Plan of 2007, or according to the General Accounting Plan of 1990, depending on the accounting regulations applied by the Company when preparing its financial statements.

Together with the detail of the financial magnitudes, and under the paradigm of absolute operational transparency, the following features have been included:

Statement of changes in Net Worth

This section shows the Company profitability variations, as well as their causes and evolution in the last 5 fiscal years, even if the Company has not declared them expressly, for all Annual Accounts models.

It comprises three parts:

It contains the fiscal year results (Profit and Loss Account Balance), the income and expenses that, according to the recording and valuation standards, should be allocated to the Company's assets directly, and the transfers made to the Profit and Loss Account pursuant to the new General Accounting Plan.

It contains all of the equity modifications derived from:

Cashflow statement

It contains information on the origin and use of cash and other equivalent liquid assets, whether from operating, investment or financing activities, as well as their variations in the past 5 fiscal years available.

It is a key instrument for judging the Company's financial performance.

Economic financial diagnostic

It contains the main Ratios and Economic Variables of the Company for the last five financial years available. This section is a unique tool to analyse the economic and financial position of the Company in a single or a macroeconomic environment.

See Explanation Economic financial diagnostic.

Events after closure

Vital information extracted from the Annual Reports filed by the Company with the Registry of Commerce, as analyzed after closing of the latest fiscal years filed.

Annual accounts audit

Information about each of the Company's audited Annual Reports, including auditor's name and audit date, result and description.

Financing Sources

Privileged information on credits and loans granted to the Company by financial and non-financial entities, with access to the image of the Annual Report filed by the Company.


Information on guarantees offered by other entities to the Company, and on guarantees offered by the Company as guarantor of other entities, with access to the details in the page of the original Annual Report of the Company containing this information.

Mercantile Information

Section including the main trading information of the Company so that its commercial evolution is understood at a single glance. In addition, you can analyse the situation, history, and relevance of each of the Corporate Bodies or directors of the queried Company and other companies related to it:

Social bodies

Report on the positions held by the corporate Bodies and Proxies of the queried Company, whether they are current or historical (already terminated), with the following data fields:

Executive board

Section comprising the position and name of the executives of the consulted company.

Compensations and other benefits to the Board of Directors

This section will inform you of the total expense derived from salaries and wages accrued by the members of the Board of Directors, as per the Annual Report submitted by the Company when filing its latest fiscal year accounts with the Registry of Commerce.

Links and Analysis of the impact of the environment

Unique section in the market that will provide you with the information necessary to evaluate whether the financial situation of third-party companies may have a negative impact on the financial balance of the queried company.

It contains the Company's links to other domestic or international Companies, as well as its probability of default, liquidity, level of indebtedness, and solvency of its related companies.

It comprises the overall commercial network and the business relationships among the various companies, both as declared by the Company and as inferred from the various sources of information, in order to obtain constant information:

Strategic Information

Relevant information on the Company's current and/or future decisions regarding its business and activity. This provides information on the Company's actual and prospective facts.

Investigated Section

Information from investigation on the company's position, payment performance, estate, future perspectives, history and additional information on its activity.

It comprises the axesor-exclusive section containing:

List of Trademarks

This section shows any Trademarks, both domestic and European, used by the Company, as well as a description of the activities such trademarks will be used for, its file details, and the original image as appearing in the BOPI (Spanish Industrial Property Official Gazette), with a very useful indicator of the latest status update of the trademark administrative proceedings, from application to grant, rejection, etc.

Public Tenders and Auctions Won

All Calls for Tenders and Auctions in which the Company has participated, as published in Official Gazettes, with indications of the calling entities, call/auction purposes, award dates, award amounts, publication sources, and with access to the complete call/auction process details.

Subsidies and Aid Granted

All Grants awarded to the Company as published in the Official Gazettes, with an indication of the latest published file status - whether it is application, award, modification, rejection or revocation - with details on the amount, grantor, and concept of the project the grant is awarded for.

Environmental information

All Company's Quality and Environmental Certification and Seals with details on their award dates, files, and certification firms.

Press releases published in Newspapers and in the News

It contains all the articles on the queried Company published in major domestic papers and economic journals and provides access to the complete text of said articles.

NOTE: The access to the two last notifications and the notifications history available of the subject company has no additional charges.

Sectors of interest that have queried this Company

The number of the economic activity divisions that have demanded information on the company is indicated.

NOTE: The existence of each section and its content will depend on the availability of the information published

NOTE: Some information may appear in Spanish due to the fact that it was taken from an investigation


The content of the product included in the line "Company information" comes from official sources (registries and gazettes), credit bureaus (ASNEF Empresas and RAI (Bad Debt Register)), with daily updates, and from business investigation of the company involved.


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