Investigated Commercial Report


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Commercial investigation supported by updated commercial information, especially indicated for new transactions or credit expansions for existing customers, in which it is convinient to count with fast, reliable, and constrasted, and information about situation of the company with which the business relationship is to be established.

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  • Executive Summary. Summary of the relevant information obtained from the final report.
  • Identification of the Company, Current Status, Beginning of Activities, Company Domain, Telephone, Website, Email, and Interviewee.
  • Branch Offices. Complete address and Property regime.
  • Activity performed, Corporate Purpose, SIC (Standard Industrial Classification), Detailed Activity Description, Business Area, Goods and Services, History, Future Perspectives, Investment Projects, Quality Certifications, Number of Employees, and Administrators' Remuneration
  • Trademarks requested, granted and denied.
  • Trade Report, with the sections: Chronological Summary of Commercial Acts, Main Historical Changes, Capital Composition, Evolution of Subscribed and Paid-in Capital, Active Corporate Bodies, and Managers.
  • Risk of Insolvency of the Company and its Activity Sector, Payment Performance, Business Background, Credit Scoring, and Feedback on the Company's situation.
  • RAI (Bad Debt Register)
  • Judicial Incidences, detail of Executive Claims, Payment Claims by Public Entities, Attachments, Auctions, etc.
  • Guarantees. Estate to the name of the Company (without data verification in the Registry).
  • References from Customers, Suppliers, Banks, and Funds.
  • Indebtedness. Creditor Entity Name and Debt Detail.
  • Guarantees. Guarantee commitments with third parties and other contingent liabilities.
  • Company Links. Shareholders, Participation in other Companies, relationships by matching Corporate Body and Company Address, among others.
  • Direct competitor of the Company.
  • Economic-Financial Information: Sales volume in the latest fiscal year available, Audit Opinion, Estimation of current fiscal year Balance, Events after closing, Balance and Profit and Loss Account filed with the Registry of Commerce, Financial Diagnosis and Comparative Sectoral Balance.
  • News.
  • Public Tenders and Works Won.
  • Subsidies and Aid Granted.
  • Research Summary.
  • Sources Queried.

The previous description consists of all the possible fields of the Investigated Commercial Report. The different sections are no binding, therefore, the nonexistent information or the one that is impossible to get through the investigation to be done, will cause the field to disappear in the requested report.


  • We offer two types of urgencies to suit your needs of information at any moment.
    • Standard service of 4 working days
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  • The Report will be sent to the e-mail address indicated in the form.
  • The information provided is not stored in any database once the service is finished.
  • The cost of the service will be effective regardless the availability of any field.


The cost of the standard service is 50€ + VAT, amount that will be charged with the rest of the axesor services. The 48 hour service incurs in a surcharge of 20,5€ and the 12 hour service incurs in a surcharge of 30,75€.