Investigate Reports on Companies

Investigate Reports on Companies

Get an in-depth picture of any Company.

Investigative Reports include research into the business environment in question, complimented by up to date financial information. axesor provides you with a more transparent and comprehensive picture of the company.

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How to obtain an Investigative Report on a Company?

  1. Locate the Company using the Company and Sole Trader Search Engine.
  2. Enter the portfolio of available products.
  3. Select the Investigative Report that suits your information requirements.
  • Investigated Commercial Report

    Provides a complete and detailed overview of the company's equity and solvency status, combining official information with qualitative research.

    Recommended for dealings with new clients, transactions involving a high level of risk, debt renegotiations or for determining the viability of potential legal claims.

Research is carried out by experts in commercial research who are legally qualified for this purpose.

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