• The worth of knowledge

    axesor is a service company, specialised in providing scorings and business, financial and marketing knowledge. Our commitment to accuracy and sophistication has led us to become the first Spanish company to be registered as European Credit Rating Agency.

  • Our Evolution

    Right from the foundation of the company in 1996, we have invested in innovation, dedicating 20% of our human capital to this purpose. This commitment is reflected in our figures and it allowed us to continue gaining our clients' trust.

  • A flexible company

    We adapt our services to our clients. For this reason we have
    several commercial divisions according to their needs.

Main objectives

We provide "knowledge" and an in depth analysis of the environment, in order to facilitate the process of business decision making in Commercial Risk Management.

We also enable commercial prospecting and client development, locating the desired target publicy expanding the knowledge on the current one.

We enhance the client's resource optimisation, assuming their dealings with Public Administrations through a high value outsourcing service.

axesor develops advanced scoring services, tools and products providing support and improving any stage of the Commercial Risk Management cycle.

We offer scalable solutions tailored to our client's needs.

Integral Risk Management

Development and implementation of Global Scoring Services, integrating a Scoring system that facilitates the most appropriate business risk policies for each client.

Risk Management Tools

We offer tools providing a comprehensive knowledge of the environment, in order to support our clients' business decisions, as part of an advanced risk management.

Unique Products

We provide products such as Reports, Bulletins, Alert Services... offering the most exhaustive and reliable information, in order to help our clients achieve a better understanding of their business environment.

axesor brings a different view, analysing and providing high value information to help implement the most effective marketing actions.

We offer from tools and services to fulfil the most advanced Geomarketing needs, to products that will enrich our clients' own information.

Integral Marketing Services

Development of services that generate the best integral marketing strategies, including geographical area, competitors' location, existing and potential clients.

Strategic Tools

Creation of georeferencing tools to identify significant market variables, supporting our clients to design their commercial actions.

Tactical Products

We supply databases and indicators that enable precise customer engaging actions and allow having a more in depth knowledge of our clients' current consumers.

axesor offers a Virtual Management Service for any type of administrative process in public bodies and registries, providing our clients with a comprehensive service to outsource their processing, always with the possibility of complementing it with value added services for management.

Integral Management Service

Virtual Management Global Service allowing the processing and personalised integration of more than 40 different processes with the client, complying strictly with the agreed SLAs.

High Value Tools

Value added tools that complement the outsourcing service, by means of a complex processing system in public bodies and registries at a national scale.

Specific Products

Development of personalised products to automate processes in order to optimise our client's resources: mortgage management, online bureaufax, real estate register, etc.

Our Figures

  • Over 180.000 business and professional clients.
  • Over €35m investment
  • 14% investment in R+D+i over sales
  • €22m revenue in 2015
  • 83% IBEX 35 companies amongst our clients
  • 204 professionals key to our service excellence

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axesor, has different commercial divisions according to our clients' needs. As the first Spanish rating agency, we offer from ratings recognised at European level, to unique products and tools for a better risk management, commercial prospecting in the marketing activity, a deeper knowledge of the environment and a virtual management service for administrative processes.

More information:902 10 10 33 | buzoncliente@axesor.es

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Global Business Services

Risk Management Services

Madrid Branch

C/ Alcalá, 52, 2º derecha 28014 Madrid (Spain)
Phone: 902 10 10 33

Barcelona Branch

C/ Aribau, 112, 5ª, 2ª puerta 08036 Barcelona (Spain)
Phone: 902 10 10 33

Granada Branch

C/ Graham Bell, s/n Edificio axesor 18100 Armilla, Granada (Spain)
Phone: 902 10 10 33 - (+34) 958 01 14 80


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